For Property Owners

John Gribbin Strata offers a comprehensive suite of administrative, secretarial and financial services to property owners including:


i. Convening of General i.e. Annual and Extra-Ordinary and Committee meetings;
ii. Preparation and distribution of Meeting Notices and Minutes;
iii. Calling for nominations of candidates for election of Executive and Ordinary Committee Members;
iv. Maintaining an accurate Body Corporate Roll;
v. Attending to incoming/outgoing correspondence;
vi. Maintaining of Books and Records, and the Common Seal of the Body Corporate; and
vii. Maintaining a Register of Assets and Improvements to Common Property.


i. Opening and maintain a bank account in the name of the Body Corporate for administrative and sinking funds;
ii. Issuing Notices of Contributions (Levies). Note: We provide numerous payment options for our clients;
iii. Issuing Notices for Overdue Levy Payments, with a 28 day friendly reminder. If that method fails, we proceed with lodgement to a Debt Collection Agency;
iv. Handling of accounts payable, and management of banking and investment accounts; and
v. Preparation and management of budgets and financial statements.


i. Arranging comprehensive insurance and lodging insurance claims
ii. Workplace Health and Safety audits
iii. Fire safety inspections and compliance reports
iv. Sinking Fund Forecasts
v. Arranging a schedule of on-going maintenance
vi. Annual Pool Compliance
vii. Insurance Valuations


Other Services

John Gribbin Strata can also perform a range of other agreed services such as convening of additional meetings and obtaining professional consultation such as quantity surveying for Bodies Corporate as required


For Developers

John Gribbin Strata are specialists in establishing small to medium schemes and have done so for a range of developers including Laurence Lancini Constructions Pty Ltd, Perry J McDonald Constructions Pty Ltd and Reichold Enterprises to name a few examples.

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