John Gribbin Strata work hard to help keep your building’s operational costs as low as possible through prudent financial management. The John Gribbin Strata advantage means we help you keep budgets realistic and costs to a minimum by:

  1. Maximising your cash flow: Budgets are heavily scrutinized to ensure every item is not being over budgeted or under budgeted for. Far too often owners pay more than necessary in one year which can impact their cash flow. We aim to have a near neutral balance in the Administration Fund at the building’s year end. Unlike many other Body Corporate Managers we provide owners with the General Ledger Transaction List so they can closely track individual expenditures.
  2. Arranging the best possible Insurance: John Gribbin Strata are authorised insurance representatives of Body Corporate Brokers. With the recent massive rises in insurance costs across North Queensland, John Gribbin Strata can arrange the most cost effective insurance for your scheme. While at present there are a limited number of insurers, we can help ensure premiums are a fair reflection of your building by arranging a professional valuation of your building to ensure you are not paying more than necessary.
  3. No Direct Debits: We do not allow direct debits on your Body Corporate Account instead checking every single creditor’s invoice against work performed to ensure it is a true reflection of work actually performed. The only direct debits permitted are Ergon Energy and Telstra as critical services.
  4. Fees: In tough economic times, we understand that every dollar counts for property owners. By working smarter and making use of synergies between properties, systems and procedures we can offer some of the most competitive fees on the market.
28/10/2013. Photo: Michael Chambers.